Whittaker Lane Medical Centre

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Repeat prescriptions

Please allow up to 48 hours when requesting your Prescriptions. In exceptionally busy periods (After bank holidays and some Mondays) there may be delays if your request is urgent let us know why.

We would prefer you to complete the counterfoil side of the prescription as this reduces mistakes and also reduces waste of medication caused by people ordering all medication when only a few are required.

Whenever possible please give the exact drug names when ordering

You can order your medication by:

  • Ordering Online
  • By post
  • At the surgery
  • Through askmyGP​ only for acute requests. Repeat requests as above.

We will not be able take telephone requests for repeat prescriptions because of the possibility or error. In exceptional circumstances such as medical emergencies and illness they may be ready a little later.

You may arrange for collection by pharmacy of your choice.

Children under 16 years old are NOT allowed to collect prescriptions from the surgery.

As a practice we have taken the decision that from 1st January 2020 we will NOT accept ANY prescription requests from any pharmacy, including online pharmacies.

Please note that the collection of prescriptions from GP practices will not be affected.

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